Stand Up Paddleboarding


We  paddle through beautiful mountain lakes, rivers and water streams. Depending on the weather and the potential wildlife  we will either be on the Norwegian waters or Swedish.

Included is board with paddle, wetsuit, lifejacket and helmut.

Age limit 10 years old with adult supervision .

Max amount of participants 5 persons plus guide.



This trip is without guide. You will need some paddling experience.

Depending on the wind direction you will either go by the ferry MS Sylöra to Sylen and paddle back across lake Grövelsjön or in the opposite direction where you  paddle from the dock by Grövelsjöns south part and go by ferry back from Sylen.

A trip of approximate 6.5 Km.

Age limit 14 years with adult supervision.

Max amount of group is 6.


The ultimate in summer mountain adventure. It is a 2 day trip with an overnight in the Majestic Rogen Nature Reserve. 

It is with guide and the minimum age is 15 years with Adult supervision.