What is Snowkiting

One of the fastest growing winter sports in the world. Snowkiting is an amazing exhilarating sport that allow you to enjoy and explore snow covered mountain landscapes. We use modern kites, similar to kiteboarding, to drive us on the snow. All those peaks you always wanted to free ski, all those back country spots you always wanted to enjoy. These things are within your reach.

Imagine that peak you always wanted to ski. Just launch your kite and let it take you to the top. All the time hitting small jumps and carving fresh untouched powder. Once at the top either power up and go or land your kite, pack it in your small backpack and enjoy the freeride of your life! At the bottom launch again and off you go.

So wither big air, expeditions or just the fact that you have your own ski lift in you backpack is you thing. Let us assist you to get started.




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